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Rector’s Christmas Sit-Out for SOS NI

Sun 11th Dec 7.30pm to Mon 12th Dec 7.30pm

The Rector will sit-out for 24hours from 7.30pm on Sunday 11th December until 7.30pm on Monday 12th December. Please use the sign-up sheets in church over the next two Sundays, to offer your support by providing company in the trailer, together with food and refreshments over the 24 hours of the sit-out.

What should we bring along? – You can bring along hard cash and/or foodstuffs. Rev Adrian McCartney at the Larder Foodbank has asked that we also provide shower gels, hand creams, deodorants, hand soaps, present tags, jams, cooking sauces, woolly hats and gloves, scents for men and women, cellotape, wrapping paper crackers, Christmas candles, decorations for the home, Christmas puddings etc along with the ordinary run of the mill canned foodstuffs and dried pasta and rice. NB: No Baked Beans or Tomato soup as the Larder has simply got too much of this in the store already as these are the tinned foods most people donate.

The Ministry of SOS NI: Supporting those in need in Belfast at Christmas 2016
SOS NI provides a twin-track approach to helping people. In simple terms, the daytime work is about prevention – while the night-time work is about dealing urgently with vulnerable people at times of crisis, through the effects of alcohol and drugs.

The SOS NI mission is to work together in partnership
 On our streets to unconditionally help people in their time of need
 In our schools to educate and empower young people to make enhanced lifestyle choices

SOS NI is a volunteer centred organisation, our vision is to inspire hope and build better futures for everyone.

SOS NI: Is a charity based on Christian belief that respects and embraces diversity
   
* Seeks to inspire and empower the individual
* Carries out all its activities with transparency
* Has an unconditional concern for, and caring acceptance of, each individual
* Believes that everyone deserves respect, dignity and the very best for themselves, their families and their communities
* Seeks to facilitate positive societal change is very grateful for the support and donations it receives from organisations and charitable

SOS NI foundations, which help us continue our services by funding training, equipment and other resources.

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