Wendy became involved with the Parish in 2013 when her late mother, Vera, moved into the area. Vera was looking for a Church of Ireland traditional service and immediately found her place in the life of the Church. At that time Wendy was living and working in Edinburgh and was initially only here the odd weekend and during holidays. However as her mother’s health deteriorated Wendy took the decision to relocate to Lisburn to be able to live with and care for her mum; she is an example to us all of how to look after our elderly loved ones. From 2016 onwards Wendy became increasingly active in the life of the Church and has been serving on a continual basis as our People’s Warden since April 2019. Wendy has been a regular at our Parish Rooted Bible Study and attended one of our Alpha courses and a Turning Point chorus. She also volunteers at the Lard Foodbank and Community Shop. Wendy is also a member of one of our Life Groups.  She will be at the Church door each Sunday morning to bid a warm welcome to our services.