We have 3 different times for home groups we call ‘Life Groups’ that met on:

  1. The 2nd & 4th Monday’s of the month at 7:45-9pm
  2. The 2nd & 4th Thursday’s of the month at 2-4pm
  3. The 2nd & 4th Thursday’s of the month at 7:45-9pm

We have 7 Life Groups meeting at the minute with 7-11 people in each group. We have 1 group in Drumbo (Thursday evening), 1 in Lisburn (Monday) and several in Drumbeg. They meet in homes and prove a great opportunity to discuss and study the Bible, to pray for each other or events in church and/or someone in need and get to know one another better.

The Sunday morning Bible text and sermon get discussed and we think about how we can apply the  message to our Christian walk and service. Overall, it is a time to study God’s Word, think how it helps me to live out my faith as a Christian and put down good “roots” in Jesus. This year we are using a study book to encourage members to prepare and come ready to discuss content and address any questions or issues.

Each Life Group has a leader and a host and are encouraged to have some social events throughout the year and to care for each other. The Life Group is a great way to get to know people in church and enjoy a chat over coffee and a sticky bun.

We would love to welcome new people into the Life Groups. If you would like more information or are considering joining a Life Group please contact:

Marion Wilcox – 07526723285