Mabel joined us in September of 2013 after responding to a call of God for help with more contemporary worship. Like her husband Nigel, our Mission Chair, she grew up and found her faith in Jesus through the Brethern tradition. Mabel had been worshipping and helping with the music at Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church before joining us at Drumbeg. She is both mummy and a granny with childminding grandchildren and looking after an aging mother taking up most of her time when she is not helping at the Church. At Drumbeg Mabel serves on the Select Vestry, leads our Little Lambs (Mums and Tots) group, hosts one of our Life Groups and looks after the music group for our 9.45am services. If you would like to find out more about getting involved in the music at 9.45am on a Sunday, Mabel is the right person to speak to.