Our new Curate Assistant

Tim is in his late 20’s, the eldest son of a dairy farm on the outskirts of Portadown. His girlfriend, Anna, works as a Doctor in the Belfast Trust. He has been in the Boys Brigade since he was five and continues to take an active interest in Boys Brigade.

Tim grew up in the Parish of Drumcree in the Archdiocese of Armagh before attending Aberystwyth University where he graduated in modern History. After university Tim completed a Graduate Certificate in Theology at St John’s Nottingham, a Church of England Theological College where one of its founders was the father of the late Robert Jordan a much-loved parishioner of Drumbeg Parish.

As he was completing his studies at St John’s he  worked for three years for the Anglican Church in Wales as a Deanery Evangelist; he worked under Rev’d Stuart Bell a well-known and much-loved Church in Wales Rector who went on to become a Bishop in the ACNA family.

Tim was sent forward to train for Ordination in the Church of Ireland by The Most Rev’d Archbishop Richard Clarke. He completed his theological training at Trinity College and the Church of Ireland Theological Institute, alongside Cosmin Pascu, and with Cosmin was awarded a Masters of Theology degree. He served his Deacon Internship in the Parishes of Ardtrea and Desertcreat in the Armagh Diocese.

Tim is passionate about the role Scripture should play in everything we do as Christians, but most especially in the following priorities for ministry:

Firstly, missional. Ministry must at its very foundation be about the proclamation of Christ crucified and the good news of His redemption of humanity. We should be reaching beyond the church walls and the Sunday congregation to the destitute and the lost of every demographic with this good news that the Son of God has redeemed the world.

Secondly, formational. Ministry must be about helping those who have responded to the gospel invitation to be formed into the image of Christ to the glory of God the Father. Everything a parish does should be done to encourage parishioners towards greater holiness and bring them into a deeper love and understanding of God.

Finally, devotional. Ministry must be grounded in prayer and devotion. Our gospel ministry in word and sacrament must be empowered by the Holy Spirit in prayer. We should therefore seek to grow and develop expressions of prayer both personally and in the life of the church.