Dear Parishioners.

Please find below the Financial Statement and associated Auditors report for Drumbeg Parish Church for the year end 31st December 2023. These are copies of the accounts as presented at the General Easter Vestry. I am thankful to Bill Miscampbell our Parish Treasurer for all his hard work in preparing the accounts and to Lois Kenny of  Allen Fleming CA Limited who audited the accounts for us. 

I warmly welcome all those who have been elected to serve on the Select Vestry and take this opportunity to thank those who faithfully served on the Select Vestry in the year past. I am also grateful to all who took the time to join us for the General Easter Vestry yesterday evening. 

The Select Vestry for the year 2024/25 is as follows:

Rector’s Warden: Gordon Poots
People’s Warden: Lore King
Rector’s Glebewarden: Raymond Kerr
People’s Glebewarden: Mike Barnett

Bill Miscampbell
Rosemary Bunting
Nicola Wadsworth
Leo Rossi
Mabel Quinn
James Cochrane
Candida Brown
Jim Marshall
Wendy Kidd
Brian Dean
Robert Dunlop
Barbara Farris